Aims and Objectives

Service User Independence and Personal Choice

Using our family model approach, which focuses on the individual not the diagnosis, every service user is encouraged to attain their maximum independence.

Service users are encouraged to make informed choices regarding the services and activities which are offered to them. Information will be communicated in a manner suitable to the individual.

Staff ensure that the people we work with are given opportunity to, and are encouraged to, make choices relating to the planning of their own care and to pursue their own interests where this has been deemed appropriate after thorough assessment of the potential risk involved.

All too often time is spent with no real purpose or identity, here at Janet Barlow Care we believe that all service users should have access to education and employment if they so wish. Our many partners have professionals in all areas of business and are like minded regarding education and employment, and can provide us with a wealth of expertise and advice.

Risk Taking

Responsible risk taking is considered to be the right of every service user and they are encouraged to see this as an integral part of normal living. No service user will be excluded from undertaking an activity simply because there may be risk involved. A service users wish to self medicate is a good example. The potential risk has to be balanced with maintaining service user safety and this is achieved through discussion with all relevant parties when agreement can be reached.


In delivering the care required, including that more sensitive in nature, our staff will ensure that the service user’s dignity is preserved at all times. The wishes of the service user in relation to the gender of the care giver will always be considered. Where assistance is required for those with communication, mobility or physical difficulties this will always be given with consideration and respect.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Every service user has the right to privacy. Procedures are in place that will ensure that this right is respected at all times during daily living. However, there may be times where this is not possible, such as when issues relating to safety have been identified. In these cases staff will refer to the individual care plan and Company policies to ensure service user safety is maintained.

During the providing of care to service users, confidential and sensitive information will only be made available to those members of staff involved in that provision to allow them to carry out their daily duties. All records will be kept secure in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. No confidential information will be made available to any person outside of the Company unless sanctioned by the service user and legal to do so.
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